Delta Gracious Givers
Organization Inc.

We Leave No One Behind

Our organization is geared towards assisting Ex- military members who served in the Jamaica Defense Force.  We seek to assist them both financially and emotionally, as they seek to uplift themselves and strive to improve their lives and livelihood. We are dedicated to improving the lives of these personnel, who have served our country well.
Delta Gracious Givers Organization aspires to make a difference in the lives of the people that it serves. By engaging private sector businesses and other nonprofit organizations in joint ventures as well as generating funds through various means. We seek to leave no one behind in an effort to make sure that these retired soldiers get the necessary assistance that they deserve.

We Leave No One Behind


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Delta Gracious Givers Organization Inc. is a charitable organization driven by a profound commitment to uplifting the lives of service members associated with the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF). Our purpose is to provide unwavering support, essential resources, and impactful donations to address the critical challenges of poverty, housing crises, burial support, and the rehabilitation needs of disabled JDF members. We extend our membership to veterans, their families, and friends who share our dedication to the welfare of our armed forces. The organization is organized exclusively for purposes authorized under section 501C (3) of the internal revenue code.

We Leave No One Behind

Delta Gracious Givers Organization Inc. is a charitable organization with the unique goal of helping disadvantaged, retired Jamaican military personnel in the US, Jamaica, and around the world, (The diaspora as a whole).  The organization will seek to provide financial support for basic needs, such as: room and boards, as well as medical support for these ex-military personnel. This will be achieved by partnering with reputable local and international organizations.  

Support our Ex-Military

We are asking for your support because we know that our charity can make a difference in the lives of the people that we serve. Every dollar that you give, will go toward purchasing medication, food, transportation and shelter for ex-military personals. So please share our page with your friend, neighbors, co-workers and family members. Check us out on Facebook, by typing Delta Gracious Givers Organization and like our page.

We Leave no one behind



Alverse Samuels

Vice -President

Michael Jones

General Secretary

Calvin Bigby

Program Director

Neville Blake

Public Relation Director

Darlon Clarke

Public Relation Director

Omar Ebanks


Raphael Humphrey

Marketing Director

Kirk Hendricks

Program Director

  •  3/4/2023 06:00 PM - 3/4/2023 08:00 PM
  • Online Event
  •  2/4/2023 06:00 PM - 2/4/2023 08:00 PM
  • Online Event

We leave no one behind

No, we also assist their immediate family members when we are call upon to do so.
We meet once per month for our meeting but there are occasions when we may have an emergency meeting and we will meet more than once per month.
The board is consist of 9 voting members that includes our president vice president, general secretary, treasurer and 5 other directors.  
You can contact the president, vice president directly or any member of the executive group, their numbers are  on the web page.